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If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that nurtures your self care and self love while also strengthening your personal growth, confidence, and realtionships…


Boss Ladies, Utah

From February 9th – 11th…

We invite you to experience an incredible retreat that connects you to your inner essence, cultivates vitality, and boosts your confidence through an escape to the countryside hills outside of Mt Pleasant, Utah 🌄 It’s a holistic approach to rejuvenation and a deep self-connection, a journey you won’t want to miss. 🌿✨

This 3-day sanctuary is meticulously designed to help you shed the burdens of stress, anxiety, and unproductive habits, all while gaining a deeper understanding of your inner self, energy, and mental prowess 🌟

Our upcoming February retreat takes place in the foothills of the Horseshoe Mountains, offering solitude and seclusion away from the hustle and bustle of busy lives and offering amazing opportunities to explore, hike, and canyoneer.

Our retreat invites you to recenter your life and embark on a journey of renewed confidence and courage. 🌄

During your stay, we offer guided workshops about…

  • Enneagram Unlocked: Self-Care Hacks for Your Individual Personality 
  • Vital Boundary Setting: Stop the Guilt & Learn to Say No
  • Breathwork Unleashed: Discover Habits for clarity, stress release, and trauma healing
  • Stress Reset: Releasing Worries & Building Systems to Reduce Overflowing Plate
  • Purpose Powered Business: Discovering Your Story & How To Stand Out in an AI-Driven World

These experiences will help you explore yourself through energy healing, physical movement, and nourishing food. It’s a holistic approach to relaxation, rejuvenation, and deep self-connection. 🌿✨

During this retreat, you’ll deepen your connection with who you are through energy healing, physical movement, and nourishment. Experience the transformation in time as we gather together the factors of health and vitality all at once so that you can easily relax and connect closer to yourself.

Amidst an unforgettable experience of witnessing beautiful nature in a pristine getaway, you will also:

  • Be guided through daily yoga & breathwork to nourish your body and rejuvenate your energetic self
  • Learn how to boost your mindset so you  think and feel more positively
  • Practice guided meditation to connect with the deeper parts of your Self
  • Experience incredible outdoor adventures to make memories to support your wellness journey
  • Share space and cultivate new relationships with a small group of like-minded women who share the same passion for self-understanding

Meet Your Retreat Team

Gabi & Robyn robledo

We’re Gabi and Robyn. We’re a mother-daughter entrepreneur duo that run this life coaching platform called Be The Hero Academy.

At Be The Hero Academy, we help you cultivate more confidence, self love, and purpose while building better connections with yourself and your loved ones so that you wake up excited every day, not anxious. Robyn and I have hosted workshops and retreats across the world for yoga studios, small businesses, families, and groups of friends. We can’t wait to share yet another amazing experience with you guys at our St George retreat.

So you’re probably wondering 🌟

What’s Included in this Womens Retreat:

  • ✨ 3 days of transformative workshops
  • 🧘‍♀️ Guided live meditations, breathwork, and invigorating yoga sessions.
  • 🚗 Expert guided outdoor canyoneering adventure and hot springs experience
  • 🏡 All-inclusive 2-night stay in a luxury Airbnb, featuring a remodeled barn house
  • 🥗 Top-notch cuisine for all meals (diet friendly upon request)
  • 💄 Facials night and skincare demo by our guest faciliator and freind, Arianne Lewis
  • 📚 Exclusive access to our advanced courses and valuable resources post-event, ensuring continued growth and learning.

Dinner & Accommodation Included:

🍽️ All meals, carefully crafted to promote healthy eating, are provided within the retreat rate. Meals are prepared communally. If you have dietary restrictions or allergens, please reach out to us directly for accommodating options.

🏡 No additional accommodation purchase is required. You’ll stay in a beautiful, backcountry barn house on the outskirts of Spring City, Utah, just an hour southeast of Provo.

Nested at the base of the Horseshoe Mountains, this is a perfect hub for exploring and a relaxing place to gather for workshops. The home boasts a beautiful kitchen, a private hot tub, Wi-Fi access, outdoor amenities like a BBQ, and a cozy fire pit.

Adventures Ahead!

This wellness has a small unique spin on it! We’re adventurers and though we’re not going to make you do anything you don’t want to, our guided rappelling adventure is the perfect safe space to build courage, bravery, and pride! Get ready for an experience you won’t forget!

Plus, our retreat is located close to a stunning natural hot spring to bring some yin restoration and natural mineral nourishment to your weekend!

Here’s what other people have said about our retreats:

St George Womens Retreat group, Dec 2023

I attended the St. George Self Love and Wellness Retreat last weekend heavy with with stress and frustration from my relationship and living situation with a family member.

Honestly, I came knowing very little about what to expect, hoping for a bit of rejuvenation and a reset. What I received was above and beyond my expectations.

From the moment I arrived, the coaches and the entire group enveloped me in a warmth I hadn’t felt in a long time. I was tired of feeling alone, unsupported, and the constant pressure to have everything under control.

Little did I know, this retreat would be the balm my soul desperately needed.

The personality workshops were like unlocking hidden chambers of my emotions. The coaches skillfully guided us through Enneagram, our in-depth Astrology, Numerology, and Chakras, creating a personalized map of my inner self. It was both enlightening and vulnerable, and I found myself connecting closer to the pent-up feelings I knew I was carrying, but avoided feeling.

The breathwork session was unlike anything I’ve experienced. I connected with a relaxation I haven’t felt in years if ever. The release of stress, frustration, and the weight of constantly needing to be strong brought a huge sense of relief.

Workshops & meditation, womens retreats
Hiking at womens st george retreat

The outdoor adventures, combined with the breathtaking landscapes of St. George, added an element of excitement and courage to the retreat.

Getting to experience new things in new places I’d never been alongside supportive women, I felt a newfound peace and joy growing within me!

The focus on complete mind, body, and spirit wellness was a game-changer.

Yoga and meditation sessions provided moments of peace and introspection, while the healthy, delicious homemade meals and communal dinners became not just nourishment for the body but a joyful celebration of connection.

I left the retreat with so much more than I anticipated— A newfound connection to my emotional self, a sense of empowerment to manage the stress of my life back home, and a feeling of being supported by a community of incredible women. I released some of the weight of needing to be strong all the time; instead, I embraced my vulnerability and authenticity.

To anyone feeling overwhelmed, alone, or stuck, consider this retreat a beacon of hope and transformation. It’s not just a reset; it’s a journey toward self-love, understanding, and a community that lifts you up.

Thank you, Gabi and Robyn, for a wonderful weekend. 💖

~ Didi F.


Your stay takes place in a shared 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom co-living space. (See video above)

You have the opportunity to choose between a private master suite and a shared bunkhouse at a lower rate.

Bonus: Friend referrals are welcome! So even if your friends aren’t business owners, they are welcome to join you. Additionally, we will offer a discount on your room if you share your suite with a friend (bunkhouse doesn’t apply).

Grab your spot soon!

Early Bird Discount expires soon and there are not many spots in this retreat!
Spots left in this retreat!
Spring City backcountry barn home, sleeping loft, boss ladies adventure and wellness retreat
$650 – Claim Now Before They Sell Out

Twin Beds – Shared Loft (8 spaces left)

A shared upstairs loft space with twin bed for $600. Bathroom is shared amongst up to 8 retreat attendees.

$800 – Claim Now Before They Sell Out

Queen Bed – Shared Loft (Only 1 space left)

A shared upstairs loft space with a larger queen bed for $800. Bathroom is shared amongst up to 8 people.

Spring City backcountry barn home, bedroom 1, boss ladies adventure and wellness retreat
$1,000 Limited Availability

Private Queen Bedroom

Private bedroom offering more solitude and seclusion to retreat from socializing and activities. 2 available. The bathroom is shared.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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