Holotropic Breathwork & Chakra Healing Event

At Synchroniticies Wellness Center, Sandy Utah

Welcome, we’re Gabi, Robyn, and Victor! We’re here to help people who want more peace, connection, and confidence to break old patterns and release their past.

We know how challenging it can be to break free from old emotions, trauma, and childhood wounds. We used to feel stuck in a constant state of overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and at moments, even depressed.

But here’s the good news: you have the power to transform your life, let that sh*t go, and achieve vibrance, inner peace, and confidence we’d all like to live our lives from.

The solution is as simple as breathing with us!

Join us in our next holotropic breathwork event to

release Past Trauma, connect deeper to your authentic self, & heal physical pain.

Sign up for our May 31st event in Sandy UT for only $35

Holotropic Breathwork event Sandy UT

Have questions? Send us an email at hello@bethehero.academy to get in touch!

How can something as simple as breathing could make a big difference in how you feel? 

Have you ever wondered how something as simple as breathing could make a big difference in how you feel? Let us introduce you to the magical world of breathwork!

Breathwork is magical. It has the power to help us feel more understood, improve our health, and reduce anxiety. Let’s dive in and discover what breathwork is all about!

You see, breath is our life force. We literally can’t live without it yet, most of people don’t even know how to breathe— we take shallow breaths, our belly is clenched, and our brows furrowed.

But when we take deep, slow breaths, something amazing happens inside our bodies.

It helps us relax, feel calmer, and understand ourselves better. It even helps us release unprocessed emotions from he past. It’s like having a secret superpower to make us feel really good!

Imagine feeling like someone truly GETS YOU, like they understand what you’re going through. 

Breathwork helps us feel that way, but it’s not like talking to a friend or a teacher. It’s a way to connect with ourselves, our thoughts, and our emotions. It’s like having a special conversation with our own hearts and minds.

Unlock Vitality and Health with the Power of Breathwork

Engaging in breathwork not only nurtures our emotional well-being but also fuels our physical vitality.

Just as a car requires fuel for smooth functioning, our bodies crave oxygen for optimal performance.

Through deep and abundant breaths, we offer abundance to our cells and organs to heal and regenerate. It’s like embracing our bodies from within—a gesture that whispers, “You are cared for, cherished, and strong.”

Robyn Robledo guiding Breathwork