Enneagram 9

Congrats! You Are An… Enneagram 9

The Enneagram 9 is known as The Peacemaker or The Mediator

Traits Of The Nine: Easygoing, Accepting, Trusting, Curious, Creative, Independent, Optimistic, Supportive, Peaceful, Gentle, and Friendly

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Core Desire: Harmony

9s are the most easygoing, friendly types you’ll meet. Their core desire is to have inner peace and harmony.

Enneagram 9s believe in โ€œnot rocking the boat,โ€ and will easily repress their feelings & needs until, one day, they blow up and get labeled โ€œtemperamental,โ€ which then leads to the 9 further repressing their emotions because they feel ashamed for causing conflict.

Enneagram 9s are the kind of people who struggle to know what they want and are always down to do whatever the group wants to do.

Being an enneagram 9, your core desire comes from the fear that if there is conflict then you will be abandoned and alone. Arguing with people and asserting your needs doesnโ€™t come naturally to you.

At your worst, the normally easygoing and friendly type 9 becomes stubborn and frustrated. You become hyper-critical of yourself and others, picking what seems to be stupid fights possibly about how the dishes were put away or even just how someone breathes.

At your best, the enneagram 9, who is so great at being easygoing, finds something they love to push themselves in. By embracing this ambitious side of them, the Enneagram 9 feels more confident in themselves and they allow their true personality to shine through.

Does this sound like you?

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