Enneagram 7

Congrats! You Are An… Enneagram 7

The Enneagram 7 is known as The Enthusiast or The Opportunist

Traits Of The Seven: Playful, Energetic, Excited, Enthusiastic, Social, Talkative, Joyful, Friendly

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Core Desire: Fun

7s believe life should be experienced and enjoyed. The core thought of a 7 is, “What would be the most fun?”

They like keeping their options open in case there is a better party or a bigger adventure. FOMO is a real concern for 7s!

But with this obsession for fun comes an avoidance of negativity. 7s can’t stand pain, negative emotions, or boredom. When faced with these things, you will diffuse it with humor or avoid it with distraction.

Your core desire is to be positive and surround yourself with fun at all times, which makes you avoid hardship, negativity. This is the person who is stereotypically the class clown or the life of party.

To be an enneagram 7 means that you were raised to believe that β€œif I feel anything negative, I might be harmed.”

Everyone seems to like 7s because 7s want to make sure everyone likes them.

At your worst, the enneagram 7 becomes controlling and uncooperative. Taking on the negative traits of the Enneagram 1, the stressed 7 becomes irresponsible, overbearing and critical.

At your best,Β The Enneagram 7 embraces somewhat of a routine and accepts negative emotions. An enneagram 7 in growth learns to find groundedness, practicality, and satisfaction without always needing to be the center of attention or making everything a party

Does this sound like you?

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