Enneagram 6

Congrats! You Are An… Enneagram 6

The Enneagram 6 is known as The Loyalist or The Skeptic

Traits Of The Six: Loyal, Protective, Assertive, Cautious, Dedicated, Grounded, Prepared, Honest, and Strong

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Core Desire: Loyalty

Being an enneagram 6 means that you were raised to believe that the world is a dangerous place and that people will betray you. Now, as an adult, you are mistrusting and looking for security,  stability, and loyalty everywhere you go. 

Your core desire comes from the fear and belief that the world is dangerous and will harm you. Thinking positive and being a daredevil doesn’t come naturally to you.

Because of this core desire, you now struggle with letting go of control, worrying too much, and feeling like you can’t trust anyone.

6s are the glue that hold families and organizations together. You are honest, practical, and a team player. 

The 6 has a unique ability to forecast worse-case scenarios which makes them worry more than the other types. Your efforts to protect those you care about can come across as overly controlling.

Because you are always on the look out for possible future threats, you may have trouble trusting others or may swing the other way and become overly trusting, especially with authority.

At your worst, the enneagram 6 becomes self-centered and aggressive. They lose their compassion and focus on achievement in an unhealthy manner. Often cutting off their friends and family.

At your best, the Enneagram 6 embraces peace, relaxation, and, most importantly, diplomacy. An enneagram 6 in growth learns to find loyalty and grounding within themselves.

Does this sound like you?

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