Enneagram 3

Congrats! You Are An… Enneagram 3

The Enneagram 3 is known as The Achiever

Traits Of The Three: Ambitious, Driven, Competitive, Focused, Goal-Oriented, Professional, Strong-Willed, Like-able, Charming, and Diplomatic

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Core Desire: Achievement

The Enneagram 3 wants to be liked by everyone. And the 3 believes that the way to be liked by everyone is to appear successful, attractive, and unique.

This makes the type 3 commonly described as poised, social, and friendly yet intimidating. When the 3 speaks, they can be very persuasive and inspiring. They naturally have a speech tendency to try to “sell” you on whatever they are saying.

You’ll never catch these people slipping on their words. The 3 does their best to appear charming, likable, and admirable.

Being the Enneagram 3 means you grew up believing that you were only valued for your achievement. Similar to the 1, type 3 has perfectionist tendencies and becomes hyper-critical of themselves. Now, as an adult, the type 3 is an over-achiever, obsessive about success, work, or sports, and has a hard time allowing themselves to be authentic, as they are used to “deceiving” people.

In childhood, you were taught that you had to be the best to be enough.

Because of this core desire, you struggle the most with allowing yourself to rest and be yourself.

At your worst, the enneagram 3 becomes highly critical of themselves, obsessive, and doesn’t allow themselves to rest. When they are under extreme stress, they take on the negative traits of the Enneagram 9 and become unmotivated, depressed, and indulgent.

At your best, the Enneagram 3 incorporates trust, rest, and play into their being. They take on the healthy traits of the Enneagram 6 by understanding that they are worthy of connection as they are and without achievement.

Does this sound like you?

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