Enneagram 2

Congrats! You Are An… Enneagram 2

The Enneagram 2 is known as The Helper or The Giver

Traits Of The Two: Kind, Generous, Giving, Polite, Compassionate, Empathetic, Welcoming, Friendly, Selfless, and Attentive

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Core Desire: To Serve

As females, 2s can be labeled as the “mom friend” of the group for their warm and caring nature. As males, 2s are somewhat of chameleons where they shift their persona to be liked by whomever they are talking to.

To be an enneagram 2 means you were raised to be selfless and giving. You struggle the most with self-sacrificing for the sake of others’ needs. Your core desire to serve leads you to not know your desires and to repress your own needs.

In childhood, you were taught that you had to be selfless to be wanted.

Because of this core desire, you struggle the most with being too selfless and not knowing what you want.

At your worst, the enneagram 2 2 becomes angry, withdrawn, and self-sacrificing. They take on the negative traits of the Enneagram 8 and become aggressive or controlling in their approach to serving others. A normally warm type 2 in stress becomes bitter that no one had given to them to the degree they have given to others.

At your best, the enneagram 2 incorporates individuality, creativity, and self-empowerment into their being. They take on the healthy traits of the Enneagram 4 by recognizing their needs, pursuing their desires, and speaking their thoughts.

Does this sound like you?

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