Enneagram 1

Congrats! You Are An… Enneagram 1

The Enneagram 1 is known as The Perfectionist or The Reformer

Traits Of The One: Organized, Critical, Practical, Hard-Working, Responsible, Moral, Principled, Diplomatic, Idealistic, Disciplined, and Orderly

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Core Desire: Perfection

To be an enneagram 1 means that you were raised to have the core desire for perfection and order. Your core desire for perfection leads you to take on more responsibilities than you should.

In childhood, you were taught that you had to be perfect and in control to be enough.

Because of this core desire, you struggle the most with your inner critic and feelings of resentment.

The Enneagram 1 will follow instructions to the tee and not jerry-rig anything (good luck putting together Ikea furniture with them.) Enneagram 1s will also fully disregard the rules if they are inefficient and instead, create new systems of their own.

At your worst,  the enneagram 1 becomes hyper-critical, resentful, and controlling. They take on the negative traits of the Enneagram 4 and see themselves as “different.” This is expressed as martyrdom where they think to themselves “I am the only one keeping things organized/perfect.

At your best, Enneagram 1 at their best warm, playful, and joyful. They take on the healthy traits of the Enneagram 7 and allow themselves to have fun instead of handling responsibilities all the time.

Does this sound like you?

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