Welcome to Day 5

Your Best Life Blueprint: Day 5 - Expanding your container to attract your best life

Expand Your Container: Shift Your Energy To Attract MORE Love, Money, & Opportunity in Life

Ready to take your life to the next level and start attracting all the love, money, and opportunity you desire? Today, on Day 5 of Your Best Life Blueprint Training, we’re diving into the incredible power of raising your frequency to magnetize Your Best Life!

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So Ask Yourself:

  • How Bad Do I Want My Best Life?
  • How Soon Do I Want It?
  • Can I Create It On My Own?

The Blueprint To Overcome Your Programming

  • Offload Trapped Energy
  • Tell Your Victim Story
  • Architect Their Dream Life
  • Bring Programming To Surface
  • Insert Creator Story
  • Optimize Health & Mindfulness
  • Structure Day Around Ideal Life

So here are your options…

Grab the 1- Week bundle which includes:

Architect Your Dream Life Training

Ready to start creating your Best Life…but need help building the blueprint?

Architect Your Dream Life is a one-time 1:1 strategy session to figure out what you really want with a customized blueprint on how to get there.

Want to discover unique solutions to struggles and a unique paths to what you want (that doesn’t just feel like a dreadful journey)
Are tired of feeling like what you want is unclear and fuzzy.
Want to receive guided body compassing & visualization to explore new possibilities you hadn’t thought of before
Are ready to uncover hidden roadblocks you didn’t know were standing in your way
Know Your Soul Intensive Offer

Know Your Soul 5-Day Coaching📣

Designed to accelerate the trajectory of your growth so you can build your best life faster. In just 5 days, you’ll uncover:

Your core limiting subconscious patterns.
How to successfully embrace your hero’s gifts.
Accurately identify your Enneagram & MBTI cognitive functions to release the habits of your old self.
  • 📞 5 days of 1:1 coaching calls (60 min each) with our expert.
  • ✨ Done-for-you soul purpose assessment
  • ✨Guided meditations to wire in your Higher Self & manifest faster
  • 📱 Text support to keep you on track, motivated, and aligned.

“Know Your Soul” helps you swiftly process everything we covered in the Day 2 replay, ensuring all your gifts and roadblocks are laid out on the table. 🧩

The Truth Is…

Working with us for 1 week could leave you in the same place you’re in right now if you don’t know how to implement & hold yourself accountable.

You can 8X coaching for only 2X the cost!

8-Week Signature Coaching Program

Month 1: Daily 30-min sessions, M-F

  • Offload Trapped Energy
  • Tell Your Victim Story
  • Bring Programming To Surface

Month 2: Daily 30-min sessions, M-F

  • Architect Your Dream Life
  • Rewrite Your New Story
  • Optimize Health & Mindfulness
  • Structure Day Around Ideal Life

Are you ready to…

  • ☑️ Get clear on your purpose
  • ☑️ Overcome the subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging it
  • ☑️ Manifest your dreams
  • ☑️ Clear action plan that aligns with it
  • ☑️ Disciplined habits that will increase your focus & productivity
  • ☑️ Wake up excited to start your day
  • ☑️ See yourself for the unique, amazing, and creative soul you are
  • ☑️ Maintain a high frequency and an attitude of gratitude

Recieve all the incredible bonuses we mentioned earlier – over $670 value!!

Power, Passion & Productivity: Chakra Healing Course Mockup

Power, Passion & Productivity© ($297 Value). 

Our Chakra Healing Course includes:

  • Unlimited Access to 7 Chakra Healing Masterclasses 
  • Full Access to 7 Chakra Healing Workbooks
  • Access to 7 Chakra Healing Yoga Flows 
  • Unlimited Access to 7 Guided Chakra Meditations
  • Access to 7 Healthy Chakra Balancing Recipes
  • Plus 49 Mantras To Balance Each Chakra
  • 7 Radical Chakra Healing Playlists
  • Access to 21 Chakra Journal Prompts
  • Course delivered straight to your inbox
Pineal Gland Clearing Workshop Mockup

The Pineal Gland Clearing Workshop ($127 Value)

The Pineal Gland, anciently considered the “Seat of the Soul,” is the ruler of your Third Eye and the regulator of all other hormones in the body. A healthy Pineal Gland means:

  • 💪 Enhanced well-being for all your organs and endocrine glands.
  • 🧠 Improved function of 100 million nerve endings in your gut lining.
  • 🧪 Optimized neurochemical balance.

Revitalize your Pineal Gland, feel happier, gain clarity, and live a healthier life!

Manifestation Mastery Workbook Mockup

Manifestation Mastery Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Scripting Your Best Life ($47 Value)

  • 🌟 Step-by-step guidance on the art of scripting into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring you’re never lost on your path to manifestation.
  • 📝 Our carefully crafted prompts will spark your creativity and help you craft moving scripts that resonate with your deepest desires.
  • 💡 Uncover the hidden techniques and mindset shifts that amplify the effectiveness of your manifestations.
Birth Chart Workbook

The Birth Chart Workbook: Understand Your Big 3 + Mars, Venus & Mercury ($47 Value)

Embody your soul’s unique energetic blueprint. This workbook with help you understand your natal chart and use it on your self-growth journey so that you can live a healed, healthy, embodied, passionate, and aligned life.

You’ll learn your…

  • Moon sign – How you express emotions, emotional patterns, & how intense of emotions you feel. It’s also how people close to us see us and where we find comfort.
  • Mercury sign – How you think and communicate. It shows how you’ll best learn, how appear in your communication, and what your brain tends to focus on in the external reality.
  • Plus, Mars, Venus, Rising, and more!
Values That Serve Workshop

Redefining Your Value Workshop ($117 Value)

Elevate your sense of worth, skyrocket your confidence, and unleash an unstoppable ‘good enough’ attitude in every facet of your life!

  • Learn the art of altering your essential values, propelling you to unwavering self-worth and confidence.
  • Boost your self-confidence by unlocking the capacity to overcome any issue or challenge without feeling bad about yourself.
  • Elevate your relationships with others as you radiate self-assuredness, fostering healthier, more fulfilling connections in both your personal and professional life.

Redefine your values to feel ‘Good Enough’ once & for all!

Enneagram Growth Hacker

The Enneagram Growth Hacker: Make Your Growth & Self Care Easy ($37 Value)

Being your best shouldn’t be hard. This includes 11 pages for each enneagram type to understand their growth and practice self care in the simplest way possible!

  • How to use the wings & growth numbers to ground your best self
  • Use the journal prompts for your type to reflect and apply your growth in the best way possible.
  • Do the stress & growth check-in for your enneagram type in this workbook to discover where you are in your stress-growth scale.
  • Explore easy, actionable steps to take that will impact your life the most and keep you in your growth

8-Week Signature Coaching: $5,000 Value – Only $2,200 Today!

Pay up front and get 100% money back guarantee.

Just 3 requirements: Show up, do the assignments, and trust us.

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