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Our Coaching Programs

Cultivate happiness

Be the Hero Academy

This is for people who want to get back in the driver’s seat of their life and head to the destination they want. Do you want to create a life you’re excited to wake up to? With this membership, shift your bad habits that keep you feeling stuck, transfer information into deep inner awareness, and create bold confidence in who you are.

Scripting Practice

Be The Hero 2.0

Do you feel like you still get hung up on old thoughts and patterns? Do you catch yourself reacting to things in your life the same way you have for years? You’ve read the books and tried the modalities, but you still get sucked into past ways of being? This is a 3-month commitment 1:1 coaching experience and #1 recommended program for those who are READY to break the habits of your old self. This program is $1,111 per month for the duration of the program.

Know Your Soul Intensive

Know Your Soul Intensive

In this 5-day coaching intensive, go deep in getting to know your soul coding so that by the end of those 5 days, you’ll be able to accurately identify your core self-limiting beliefs and the core value that are blocking your ability to create your best life. This program gives you massive insights about yourself in a short amount of time. This program is $500 for 5 days of 1:1 coaching and all-day support from your coach.

Custom Meditation Coaching

Personal Guided Meditation

Guided personal meditations are personalized to your needs, desires, and current struggles to quickly transmute stuck energy and cultivate clearer vision in a guided form. Robyn helps you achieve heart to mind coherence similar to the guided meditations of Dr Joe Dispenza and helps you gain clarity on the life you want to manifest. This program is paid per session – $60 per 30-min session.

Our Self-Guided Programs

Robyn Robledo, mindset & empowerment coach

Project Life

Our signature course to gain clarity on who you are, what your perfect life looks like, and how to break down your goals into steps that are realistic.

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Chakra Balancing

Discover our 7-day course to balance all 7 of your primary chakras and live in your highest vibration of power, passion, and productivity. This program includes video lessons, guided downloadable meditations, recipes, activities, and our signature Chakra Healing workbook.

Brainwave Mastery

Discover why brainwaves control how you experience life and unlock energy methods for creating a more positive state of being. Use this program to get out of stress and anxiety, invigorate love with the ancient frequency of miracles, and discover why Gamma is a missing aspect of so many of our lives and how to achieve it

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Beginners Mindfulness

Do you feel like you’re disconnected from yourself? If you want to get to know yourself and love yourself, this is the program for you. This a great starting point for anyone who wants to feel more grounded & self aware.

Reignite the Passion

Reignite the Passion

Build the foundation for a happier, healthier, and more FUN relationship. It’s no secret that relationships can be challenging. By better understanding yourself and your partner, you can improve your communication so that you become two boats heading toward the same dock instead of one boat with two captains trying to get to different docks.

Empowered mind body and spirit

Self Limiting Beliefs Breakout

Find out how to become aware of and overcome deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs that are manipulating your reality and your emotions. Through this 1-hour workshop, discover how to effectively re-wire your brain to break out of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.