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Transform Your Relationship with Your Teen

Closer Connections: A 1:1 Coaching Program for Parents and Teens

A 1:1 fully customized coaching program where I work with your teens to develop a better relationship with themselves and you.

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Make Parenting Feel Like Friendship

Closer Connections is designed for parents who want to create a better relationship with their teenage kids.

By working directly with your teens, we help them build mindfulness, self-understanding, and confidence. This empowers them to communicate better with you, express their needs and desires, and become more emotionally fulfilled and balanced.

Effective Communication and Emotional Fulfillment

Our program is massively impactful on parent-teen relationships. It ensures your teens like you and want to be friends with you, prevents them from burying anger and resentment, and helps them develop their gifts and talents for a successful future.

Achieve Long-Lasting Connection

Closer Connections will help improve gratitude and mindfulness in your teens, creating a harmonious family environment. This program paves the way for a more connected and fulfilling relationship with your teenagers, leading to a brighter and more successful future for them.

This coaching program includes:

  • 📞 Weekly 1:1 coaching calls for your teen to learn, grow, and build new skills
  • 📞 Monthly 1:1 strategy session for parents to feel more empowered, aligned, and in control of a better future
  • ✨ Customized journaling assignments for you and your teen
  • 📱 Text support to keep you on track, motivated, and aligned.

It’s totally valid to wonder…

“What’s so special about this coaching program? How is this going to be any different than all the mindfulness I’ve tried to instill in my family?”

Trust me, the connection you dream of is possible

My name is Gabi and I know this might be hard to believe, but at age 23, my mom is my best friend

Whoever I meet, from best friends to total strangers, people always envy the great relationship I have with my mom. We’re business partners, climbing partners, and genuine friends by choice, not out of bloodline. Now, it wasn’t always this way. There were a lot of crucial self-understanding habits, mindfulness lessons, and communication practices that my mom and I each had to implement in order to make the relationships we have today possible.

The healthy, connected relationship I now have with my mom is one of the core foundations for overall life fulfillment and now, I want to help other families create the same thing.

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Empower Your Teen with Mindfulness and Confidence

Here’s all the amazing things you and your teen will get with this program:

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions for personalized guidance tailored to your teen’s unique needs, ensuring effective and focused support.
  • Mindfulness Training to help teens develop awareness and presence, reducing stress and improving emotional regulation.
  • Self-understanding that encourages teens to explore their identities and strengths, building self-confidence and a positive self-image.
  • Communication skills that equip teens with the tools to express their needs and desires clearly, leading to more open and effective conversations with parents.
  • Supports teens in identifying and nurturing their unique talents, paving the way for a successful and fulfilling future.
  • Emotional fulfillment strategies to guide teens towards achieving emotional balance and fulfillment, enhancing their overall well-being and happiness.
  • Gratitude practices that promote a positive outlook and appreciation for life, helping teens build a resilient and optimistic mindset.
  • Anger and resentment management that prevents the buildup of negative emotions, leading to healthier and more harmonious parent-teen relationships.
  • Addresses the mental, emotional, and social aspects of your teen’s life, ensuring comprehensive personal growth and development.
  • Long-lasting relationship improvement by strengthening the bond between parents and teens and creating a lasting and meaningful connection that continues to grow.

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