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About Us

We’re Robyn & Gabi!

We want to help people overcome their roadblocks and heal their past wounds to live a life of more joy, peace, confidence, connection, and excitement.

We once felt so tired of feeling STUCK in the same rut or repeating OLD PATTERNS and decided to LET GO of all those self-limiting beliefs that were holding us back.


We wanted to write a NEW chapter of our lives and be the HERO of our own STORY. Once we did, amazing things happened for us!

We created Be The Hero Academy to teach you HOW to break past patterns and live your best life full of vibrant health, passionate relationships, and purposeful work.

Gabi & Robyn robledo
Robyn Robledo

Hi, I’m Robyn Robledo

I wanted to live life to the fullest. To live without regrets, to have memorable moments and rich experiences, to be happy, excited and feel connect to my kids and husband.

In order to do that, I had to #defythenorm and be different.

Back in 2015, we were caught up in the rat race. We had a successful business in Southern California and 5 kids that we were running around to competitive sports. One day, I (Robyn) saw our life flying by too quickly and realized that before we knew it, our kids would be grown and off on their own adventures.

So we jumped. Not for publicity or attention, but because it felt right.

We sold everything we owned (except for surfboards, climbing gear, and bikes of course), ditched conformity, and began traveling in 30′ RV. Since then, we’ve traveled to 26 countries and live nomadically to this day, with 3 adult children also off living nomadic lives.

Though travel itself is wonderful, in all our years on the road we realized that travel alone wasn’t the answer to a good life. Travel initiated powerful growth journies for each of us where we naturally had to face our shadows and overcome what was holding us back in order to live a fulfilling life.

And what a fulfilling life I created! It has been EPIC!

8 years later, we still live this amazing life but we also work hard to help others live their dreams, love themselves, and find more passion and purpose.

I hope a year from now you will look back and say, “I’m so grateful that Robyn pushed me outside my comfort zone so that I could live my best life ever!”

Robyn Robledo
Robyn Robledo, mindset & empowerment coach
Gabi Robledo

Hi, I’m Gabi Robledo

I grew up with an extremely unconventional life, living in an RV and traveling the world my family in search of adventure from the time I was 14 years old.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but as I shared in my TEDx talk, defying the norm and being educated on the road became a powerful lesson of what it means to create self worth from within through courage and flow state.

From 14-18, just like anyone else I wanted more than anything to fit in an be accepted but I was alienated and rejected from society. This forced me to face subconscious programs I had around my worthiness.

In 8 years, I’ve gone through more personal transformations than most people do in their whole life. Slowly I began to deconstruct my beliefs and redefine the person I wanted to be. I healed my unworthiness and released my fears of being seen and heard.

Though I’m passionate about adventure, I stand firmly in the idea that living your best life isn’t about travel or adventure, but about freeing yourself from the habit of being your old self.

I’m here to help you reclaim passion and purpose to be the hero of your story.

Gabi Robledo at Be The Hero Academy

Are You Ready To Rewrite Your Story & Wake Up Excited to Start Each Day? Ready to live your best life NOW, not Someday?

Do you feel like you still get hung up on old thoughts and patterns? Do you catch yourself reacting to things in your life the same way you have for years? You’ve read the books and tried the modalities, but you still feel a sense of “Is this it?” about your life. Through 1:1 coaching, we will teach you exactly what it takes to break the patterns of your old thoughts, feelings, and habits so you can step into the new version of you who has passion, purpose, health, connection, and freedom.

In Be The Hero Academy, we coach you on how to:

  • Create a deeper self-understanding and connect with your sense of Self
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression so you feel grounded and joyful
  • Gain clarity on the detailed version of Your Best Life.
  • Have deeper inner awareness and create bold confidence in who you are.
  • Feel confident & worthy of your dreams (even if it once felt impossible).
  • Build better connections in existing or new relationships.
  • Claim your personal power & rewrite the story of your future!

Our Coaching Programs Include

Know Your Soul

Know Your Soul Intensive

Get really clear on you enneagram beliefs and patterns while also gaining intimate knowledge of your hidden superpowers.

Architect Your Life

Architect Your Dream Life

Gain clarity on what your future self looks like and the thoughts you need to hold in order to manifest it into your reality.

Guided Meditation

Custom Meditation Coaching

Achieve heart-to-mind coherence to quickly transmute stuck energy and cultivate clearer vision in a guided form.


Reignite the Passion

Create a common vision & aligned values while being self responsible for your own health, goals, and happiness.

Breathwork Healing

Victor Robledo Guiding Breathwork

Breathwork is the key to letting go of past pain, unhealed trauma, chronic health issues, anxiety, and depression.

Birth Chart Reading

Isabelle Robledo, astrologist and coach

Discover your energetic roadmap, emotional desires, path to growth, love language, communication style, and more!