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Be The Hero Academy Is For People Who Want More In Life

More love, more joy, more connection, more confidence, more fun, more adventure, more health, more wealth, more freedom, more passion, and more purpose.

Are you tired of feeling meh, STUCK in the same rut, or repeating OLD PATTERNS that take you to dead-end roads?

Do you wish that you could wake up tomorrow and feel like you totally love your life & yourself?

Are you ready to LET GO of all those self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back and instead, embody confidence and clarity?

Are you ready to STOP feeling Stressed, Anxious, Tired, & Overwhelmed & START Feeling Excited to wake up every day?

IF SO…We can help you write a NEW chapter in your life and become the HERO of your own story!

We empower you with the confidence and know-how to create a brand new reality that you absolutely LOVE!

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Welcome to Be The Hero Academy, a school for people who are ready for change.

We here at Be The Hero Academy believe that becoming a CREATOR requires this simple mindset shift:

Life doesn’t happen TO ME.
It happens FOR ME. 

To live this, we are going to help you see all obstacles as opportunities. That’s what being a CREATOR is all about. 

We believe life should be fun. It should revolve around Your passion, connection, and living your purpose.

And the moment you choose to be the hero of your story, not the victim, is the moment you can create anything you want in your life.

I know that sounds like an inspirational quote on a kitchen towel, but we say this because WE’VE LIVED IT.

Back in 2015, I (Robyn) took a leap. I had built a successful gymnastics and personal training business with my husband. We had a big house and 5 healthy kids. While I was grateful, I wanted to experience more than just the rat race. So, I decided to sell everything we owned and move our family of 7 into an RV to travel full-time.

It sounds like a dream come true, which it was, but it wasn’t without its difficulties. Our kids transitioned into the lifestyle easily but my husband struggled to overcome his childhood beliefs around scarcity, safety, and security causing a lot of conflict in our marriage. (99% of which we’ve overcome)

As much as I wanted (& tried) to force his growth, I realized that I could only choose to change myself and my own beliefs. I had to let go of my fears, change my beliefs around marriage & relationships, and most importantly, learn to meet my own needs.

Meanwhile, I (Gabi) faced a huge inner battle. I LOVED our new lifestyle. The only problem was, despite the amazing opportunities I had to surf and climb and hike around the world, I was socially rejected, judged, and treated like an outsider. On top of it, I also withdrew from all my prior competitive sports and I realized I felt like I was no one if I didn’t achieve and win.

Confronted with a lack of external validation, I had to learn to create my self-worth from within regardless of approval or accomplishment.

I began asking myself the question, what would I do if I was the hero of my story? It changed everything for me. I started seeing my obstacles as lessons to help me fulfill my greater purpose. I started feeling more confident, courageous, and worthy—but it doesn’t happen by itself.

It takes work— hard work. I’ve been given the advantage of having a mom dedicated to a greater happiness my whole life and it STILL has been challenging to break my patterns. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you get the guidance you need to make your best life happen. The result is worthwhile and I’m here to help achieve your biggest WIN.

Know Your Soul Intensive
Live Like the Hero of Your Story

So here’s my question…

Do you feel…

  • Frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, anxious, or depressed?
  • Do you wish you had a higher level of joy, connection, abundance, and freedom?

If so, then you are the perfect person for our school!

We will guide you through a specific curriculum that will empower you with self knowledge, self love, and self confidence to become a CREATOR of your DREAMS.

Best of all, we are giving it to you for FREE!

Why would we do this?

To be honest, we don’t have time to coach people who aren’t ready to change. After coaching individuals for the last 3 decades, I understand that the #1 reason people fail to create the health, wealth, and relationships of their dreams is because of their programming.

Your programming is the package deal of ALL your beliefs that comes from:

  • Things your parents told you
  • The society you grew up around (basically your friends & authority figures)
  • The self-protection mechanism you built to gain love and safety AKA the ego defense
  • The unique personality you were born with and are seeing the world through (personality = personal reality)

All this combined creates the program that you are running.

Part of it has been great! It’s kept you alive and probably brought some amazing connections and experiences your way. But it’s also what is preventing you from attaining the next level of health & happiness that you want.

Ever heard the saying, “Neurons that fire together wire together.”

This means the habits & routines you’ve developed during childhood have created a specific sequence of thinking, feeling, and acting so much so that you probably aren’t even aware of it.

Think of it this way, have you ever driven home from work, and even though you spaced out for 5-10 minutes, you somehow turned at all the right spots to get home but it was automatic and didn’t require conscious action anymore? You just did it. Well guess what? That’s programming.

brain, network, digital-5814971.jpg

The thoughts and emotions from your childhood are the same way.

Even though you don’t try to think about them anymore, they automatically are being signaled in your brain causing you to feel old feeling all the time.

More than likely, you think this is normal or it’s how everyone thinks, feels, and acts.

The truth is, you’re not stuck like this.

You have the power to rewire your brain and actually have it all– great health, wealth, and relationships. We lived it. Our old programming would’ve given up trying to live this amazing lifestyle but instead, we rewired our brains and installed a new program that aligned with our dreams.

We’ve seen it in others too! We’ve seen people who were living by beliefs instilled by their parents and society and decided to instill new beliefs; new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

We enroll you in the academy for free so that you can learn exactly what it takes to rewire your brain AND have a deeper level of self-understanding before you get started with one of our coaches.

Once you complete the free curriculum and join us in one of our life-empowering workshops,

Then you will be ready to add in coaching to fast-track your self-growth to become the person you were destined to be.

The person who chases passions and lives with purpose.

Without this important foundation, you will stay repeating those old patterns and coaching will feel more like talk therapy than manifesting your dream life.

We want to see you actually get closer to your dreams not two steps forward two steps back.

If you are the type of person who wants more out of life, believes they deserve to live their best life, and is willing to work for it, then click the button below to join for free.

We’re here to help you:

Freedom of body

Live Free From Sickness

Heal Past Wounds

Let go of past hurt

Emotional freedom

Be aware of your emotions with curiosity and without judgment 

Stepping out of fear

Abandon Your Fears & Self Limiting Beliefs

Find clarity in your goals

Find Clarity in your goals, dreams, and intentions

Ideal hormone function

Create Good Hormone Function And A Healthy Metabolism

Finding gratitude

Find Gratitude In The Simple Things In Life

Manifest your dreams

manifest your wildest dreams & attract opportunities

Be The Hero Academy If For People Who Want To:

  • Be strong, flexible, agile, and resilient so that they can pursue sports & adventure with ease
  • Have meaningful & purposeful goals
  • Be able to focus & maintain mental clarity
  • Contribute to sharing their gifts to make the world better
  • Have a deep connection to their Self
  • Experience meaningful connections with others
  • Feel capable & confident
  • Be able to feel their emotions & let them flow freely without judgment
  • Strive for loving & harmonious relationships
  • Think & act from a state of curiosity & open-mindedness
  • Feel calm & be able to relax at points in their day
  • Take control of their schedule & feel excited about their day

Join our VIP Community for FREE

& get access to all our upcoming webinars & trainings about things like:

Health Quest on Be The Hero Academy

Build Vitality & Live Free of Disease

Unlock a a new paradigm of health. Create sustainable long term health strategies for energetic vibrance and access detox protocols for deeper transformations.

Relationships quest on Be The Hero Academy

Create Deeper Connections

with your partner, friends, parents, and kids or learn to attract the relationship you want by learning the power of expectation, communication, and self love.

Mindset quest

Get Happier

Gain the support and simple steps you need to address your inner child wounds, take on a strong mindset, and create emotional resilience to return to happiness easier.

Purpose Quest in Be The Hero Academy

Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Dive deeper into the roadmap of who you are to discover your north star, your mission, and the core karmic lessons you are here on earth to learn and fulfill.

Parenting Quest in Be The Hero Academy

Raise Kids Who Want Be Around You

Discover a new model of parenting built around understanding your child’s soul imprint and cognitive functions so that you can raise happy, confident, capable kids.

Wealth & career quest

Find A Career Where You Feel Valued

Learn how to rewire you limiting beliefs around money and get the tools and confidence you need to create a new career, make a change, and dream big.

What Makes Be The Hero Different Than Other Coaching Platforms?

Meet Your Team

We Are Family Committed To Your Happiness

Once you finish our FREE core curriculum, you’ll have an opportunity to work with one, or all, of our expert coaches. Victor & Robyn have been coaching people just like you for 30 years and have handed down their gifts & knowledge to their children.

Robyn Robledo
The Architect of Your Best Life

Robyn Robledo

Gain Clarity on How to Manifest Your Best Life with Robyn

Gabi Robledo
Director of Your Soul Purpose

Gabi Robledo

Get Clear on Your Values & Heal Not-Enoughness with Gabi

Isabelle Robledo
Astrology Expert & Energy Intuitive

Isabelle Robledo

Receive an Energy & Astrology Outlook with Isabelle

Victor Robledo
Trauma Healer & Strength Coach

Victor Robledo

Overcome Anxiety & Improve Fitness with Victor

When You Join Our Free VIP Community, You’ll Also Receive…

Master Classes To Help You Feel More Confidence, Self Love, and Clarity

Shifting your personal reality with your personality

Shift Your Reality with our Precision Personality Hacker

So that you can stop feeling victim to the same problems and the same struggles, and instead, change your beliefs so you can change the world around you.

Redefining your values to OWN your Worth

Discover How To Claim and Rewire New Values

So that you can feel worthy, confident, and good enough in every action and relationship in your life.

Unlock the roadmap to who you are

Discover the Roadmap to Who You Are

So you can understand your negative patterns and fall in love with the person you were born to be.

Rewire your perfect day lesson

Learn to Expertly Script Your Future

So that you have clarity, vision, and grounding to support you in breaking old patterns and stepping into the new.

What Does It Mean

To Be The Hero Of Your Own Story?

  1. It means that you know you have unique purpose in life and you are ready and willing to live your purpose.
  2. It means that you have a burning desire to create a life that you are truly excited to wake up to each day.
  3. It means setting meaningful goals that taking aligned action so that you can say, “I’m living my dreams!”
  4. It also means healing past wounds that may be keeping you stuck in fear, self-doubt, or self-sabotage.
  5. It really comes down to training your personality (aka your “personal reality”) to look at all obstacles as opportunities so that you can embody an “I CAN” mindset.

We empower you with the confidence and know-how to create any reality you want.