What If You Knew You Were The Hero Of Your Story?

Join Be The Hero Academy, an ongoing monthly membership where we teach you how to live your best life.

We help you heal past wounds, guide you to deeper self love, self understanding, and help you find your purpose so that you can create a life centered around love, harmony, joy and fulfillment

What Does It Look Like

To Be The Hero Of Your Own Story?

The Hero's Journey, credit to @QuantumFeedback
Credit to @QuantumFeedback on Instagram
  1. Call To Adventure
  2. Threshold Guardian (Critical Thinking)
  3. Threshold to Adventure (Point of no return)
  4. Finding Your Feet On The Road of Trials
  5. Helpers & Mentors Help You To Find Your Way
  6. Overcoming Challenges & Remaining On Your Path
  7. Temptation To Lead You Off Your Path. Also know as The Abyss or Belly of the Whale. Where Overwhelm Sets In. You’ve Got To Dive In and Pull Yourself Out To Extract the Gifts & Continue The Adventure or Quit.
  8. Transformation. You Are Not The Same As You Once Were
  9. Time to Atone & Heal From Some Aspect Of The Past
  10. Realization Of Having Gained Value In Experience & Gifts To Share
  11. The Threshold of Return. The Challenge Of Returning To The Known World a Changed Man/Woman.
  12. Experiencing The Boon Of Sharing The Gifts With Friends & Society

90% of People Choose To Remain Victims

This is a journey of self responsibility. Of seeing yourself as a sovereign being who is and as a creator of your own reality.

As we talked about in the video above, there is a powerful, and very wealthy, force at play that wants society to believe that they are victims. 

But when we see ourselves as victims, then we tell ourselves we are stuck and that we have no options.

Victims look to the external world to save them and it keeps them stuck in a predictable future that replicates their past

Instead, we empower you to create any reality you want.

As a creator, you can: 

Freedom of body

Live Free From Sickness

Heal Past Wounds

Let go of past hurt

Emotional freedom

Be aware of your emotions with curiosity and without judgment 

Stepping out of fear

Abandon Your Fears & Self Limiting Beliefs

Find clarity in your goals

Find Clarity in your goals, dreams, and intentions

Ideal hormone function

Create Good Hormone Function And A Healthy Metabolism

Finding gratitude

Find Gratitude In The Simple Things In Life

Manifest your dreams

manifesting your wildest dreams & attract opportunities

What do we do in Be The Hero?

That depends on your unique starting point and struggles.

In Be the Hero, we create a customized journey for you based on your individual story and over time, we help you achieve all of this:

  1. Help you achieve optimal health so that you can be free of the medical system that wants you dependent on their meds
  2. Observe your thoughts & emotions with loving kindness and non-judgement
  3. Understand your soul tendencies by decoding your natal chart
  4. Correctly identify your enneagram and integrate daily routines that will reprogram your brain to more joy, health, and happiness
  5. Unlock trapped energy fields and balance the chakras to help you raise your consciousness and stay a high vibrational being
  6. Discover you purpose and understand how to embody it
  7. Set goals that align with your soul frequency
  8. Develop clarity in the vision of the future you want to create
  9. Chase flow state (this may seem so out of reach or like something only for the fit 20 year olds but we believe everyone at any age needs flow state activities in order to be the hero)
  10. Manifest abundance & wealth
Empowered mind body and spirit
Membership Features

What Do I Get In the Membership?

In Be The Hero, we are dedicated to providing you the tools you need to heal your mind, body, and spirit without the high price of immersive 1:1 coaching.

Individualized Coaching

Once a month, you’ll meet 1-on-1 with Robyn for a one hour strategy session that will focus on improving health, mastering mindset, architecting your highest self, & creating better relationships.

Guided Meditation & Breathwork

Access exclusive guided meditations and breathwork sessions that are only available to our members.

Daily Astro-Texts

Each morning, Isabelle, our astrology expert, will send you a text on the current astrological transits and tips on how to use these energies to support your highest self.

Monthly Masterclasses

Each month, you’ll gain access to one of our life changing masterclasses that will help you along your hero’s journey.

How Long Will This Take?

Everyone is different. It took Victor 7 years of RV living to fully embrace the joy of it. Life really is about the journey and not just the destination.

While we do want to help you get to a destination, we encourage you to enjoy the process of your hero’s journey and stay curious to all the rad things you will discover about yourself & beautiful opportunities that will present themself along the way.

But realistically, you should give yourself one year of this membership to fully process & embody the depth of information we have in this membership site.

Now, if you are a “prospecting type” (as you’ll learn about with our MBTI lessons), then you probably want a little more accountability in order to stay on track.

That’s why we’ve set up 3 additional programs to help meet your unique self growth goals. These are add ons that you can choose once you are inside the membership area.

Our coaching programs

Join One of Our Coaching Programs & Accelerate Your Journey

I Want To Be Healthy.

The starting point for all heroes is to be free of the medical industrial complex. If you get sick more than once a year, experience anxiety or depression, have adrenal fatigue, have aches and pains or injuries that just won’t heal, have any autoimmune or chronic disease, experience brain fog, have metabolic syndrome or digestive issues such as leaky gut or dysbiosis, this is your starting point.

Robyn & Victor have 30 years of experience in helping people take charge of their mind, body, and soul to create an abundance of health.Through diet, fitness, breath work, meditation & journaling, you’ll be able to decrease the inflammation that is making you sick, reestablish good circadian rhythm, decrease your stress, shift easily into the parasympathetic system, and up-regulate your DNA responsible for health.

Most people know what they should eat and that exercise, sleep, and meditation are necessary for health, but don’t do it. Accountability is almost always the missing piece between wanting better health and actually being healthy. Coaching is the best way to to make sure you are doing everything needed to fully heal and embody a healthy, vibrant body.

Healthy, heroes journey

Feeling grounded, heroes journey

I Want To Feel Grounded

This is the best way to fast track your results in our of Be The Hero program.

With this option, you meet daily (Mon-Fri) with one of our coaches to keep you accountable and reprogram your mind quicker so that you avoid negative emotional loops and self destructing habits that may limit your potential.

Coaching will help you get to the root of who you really are, what makes you tick, and how to stay grounded in this newfound sense of self.

We guide you through correctly typing your enneagram, embodying the healthy version of your type, empower the energy within each chakra, and use numerology and astrology to understand yourself.

If this is you, you probably already eat right, exercise and/or have a sport you love, have tried breath work, meditate daily, and might even have an established yoga practice.

I’m Ready To Manifest Abundance

This is what we aspire everyone who comes into our program to embody. We believe it is not enough to just be healthy and grounded, but to live in alignment with a higher purpose that contributes to the greater good for all.

A better world for not just you, but for your kids and grandkids.

Here we help you find the perfect career or life path that will use your newfound knowledge and skill set to contribute to the world. In this program, you already know the program you are running and have moved out of victim and into creator mode. Here we are no longer justifying our hurt or limitations and fully stepping into our gifts, talents, and purpose.

In order to achieve this, it takes great focus and discipline. We will help you maintain a high vibrational frequency by continuously clearing old beliefs and magnetizing your energetic pathways towards abundance.

Last, we guide you towards stepping into your leadership role. Being a leader requires a high level of self awareness, self responsibility, and self motivation. We work together to move beyond self and identity and into the higher consciousness of willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, and peace.

manifesting dreams, heroes journey
Get Started On Your Journey To

Self Love & Self Understanding

FAQs & Common Misconceptions

How Can Be The Hero Eliminate My Anxiety?

I tell people all the time that I can get rid of their anxiety and they look at me with confusion. This is because most people have been led to believe that anxiety (just like cancer, heart disease, depression, and pretty much all symptoms) is something that is happening to them. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. You are an energetic being. You are a soul with a body not a body with a soul. When your soul is out of alignment, it sends signals to your body to get you to notice and take action. All sickness and symptoms can be looked at as a blessing. They are happening for you so that you can look deeper at your true self, your higher self, the self that came here with a purpose, a mission to complete, and ask, “body what are you encouraging me to do?”

There is nothing wrong with you and it’s not your fault. You came here as pure love, joy, and happiness but your environment, which is made up of your parents, siblings, friends, teacher, school system, society, sent you different messages. They told you to be scared, there’s not enough to go around, life is hard, and these messages of fear and lack taught you to hide your authenticity. You didn’t have an opportunity to stay connected to your true self. You were so busy doing what you were told, trying to feel attachment to your parents, get affirmation through your friends, and prove your worthiness in your accomplishments that you didn’t have a chance to listen to your authentic self. That’s what we do here in Be The Hero. We help you see yourself for who you truly are and when you start to feel into your own authenticity, you connect with your inner wisdom that knows how to heal. It knows what it really needs and it isn’t scared to be seen. You know deep down that you are pure love and we are just here to help you see it.

I’m A Successful Entrepreneur, I Already Know My Purpose

There’s a massive misconception in the entrepreneurial community that your purpose is your business or platform, but here’s the deal. That’s fake purpose.

Your purpose can involve your platform but YOUR purpose is NOT SOLELY YOUR BUSINESS.

Your purpose is the process.
Your purpose is how you feel in the moments between work.
Your purpose is how you engage in relationships—if you run toward them or away from them.
Your purpose is how you handle conflicts.
Your purpose is how you speak to yourself.
Your purpose is how you handle the SMALL hurts.
Your purpose is how you handle the MAJOR hurts.

Your purpose is realizing that in the cycles of your life…
Whether that’s 1 week, 1 year, or 1 decade.
All these cycles are here to teach your something.
Purpose is treating those cycles like stories.

Your purpose driven self does not feel victim to your past cycles.
Your purpose driven self feels light and free.
Your purpose driven self does not live by guilt.
Your purpose driven self smiles all the time because that’s what happens when you’re actually aligned.
Your purpose driven self doesn’t get triggered about every little thing.
Your purpose driven self self is on fire!

If you ask yourself,
“Why am I still repeating this pattern?”
“Why am I successful but so stressed out?”
“Why are my relationships always the same as the last one?”
We will help you break the pattern of your old self.

I’m Already An Enneagram, Astrology, Chakra Healing Expert

That is so great that you understand your core desire, stay connected to the energy or the universe, and check in with your own energetic field.

I think you will also love getting Isabelle’s daily Astro-texts, Gabi’s powerful breathwork sessions, and my muses and inspirational videos to stay in a high vibrational state of positivity and love.

Plus, we have something amazing to offer you… A community of like minded, freedom loving, empowered individuals who can help you maintain that feeling of wholeness and provide extra motivation to manifest your highest potential.