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Be The Hero Academy Is Personal Development Coaching For People Who Want More In Life

More love, more joy, more connection, more confidence, more fun, more adventure, more health, more wealth, and more purpose.

Are you tired of feeling meh, STUCK in the same rut, or repeating OLD PATTERNS that take you to dead end roads?

Do you wish that you could wake up tomorrow and feel like a total BADASS?

Are you ready to LET GO of all those self limiting beliefs that are holding you back and instead, embody confidence and clarity?

Is it time to write a new chapter in your life? Are you ready to be the hero of your own story?

What Does It Mean

To Be The Hero Of Your Own Story?

  1. It means that you know you have unique purpose in life and you are ready and willing to live your purpose.
  2. It means that you have a burning desire to create a life that you are truly excited to wake up to each day.
  3. It means setting meaningful goals that taking aligned action so that you can say, “I’m living my dreams!”
  4. It also means healing past wounds that may be keeping you stuck in fear, self doubt, or self sabotage.
  5. It really comes down to training your personality (aka your “personal reality”) to look at all obstacles as opportunities so that you can embody an “I CAN” mindset.

If you’re ready to grab life by the horns and we empower you with the confidence and know how to create any reality you want.

As a HERO, you can: 

Freedom of body

Live Free From Sickness

Heal Past Wounds

Let go of past hurt

Emotional freedom

Be aware of your emotions with curiosity and without judgment 

Stepping out of fear

Abandon Your Fears & Self Limiting Beliefs

Find clarity in your goals

Find Clarity in your goals, dreams, and intentions

Ideal hormone function

Create Good Hormone Function And A Healthy Metabolism

Finding gratitude

Find Gratitude In The Simple Things In Life

Manifest your dreams

manifesting your wildest dreams & attract opportunities

Be The Hero Academy If For People Who Want To:

  • Be strong, flexible, agile, and resilient so that they can pursue sports & adventure with ease
  • Have meaning & purposeful goals
  • Be able to focus & maintain mental clarity
  • Contribute to share their gifts to make the world better
  • Have a deep sense of self
  • Experience meaningful connections in with others
  • Feel capable & confident
  • Be able to feel their emotions & let them flow freely without judgement
  • Strive for harmonious interactions
  • Think & act from a state of curiosity & open mindedness
  • Feel calm & be able to relax at points in their day
  • Take control of their schedule & feel excited about their day

Explore 25+ Different Quests, Workshops & Courses

With 5 years of courses we’ve built and new weekly live group coaching workshops, you’ll get access to a constantly growing archive of courses, and workshops to support your journey and endless stream of new programs to give you the exact solutions you need to break your patterns and live your best life.

Join Different Quests To Break Past Patterns

& RECLAIM The Life You Deserve

Health Quest on Be The Hero Academy

Health Quest

Unlock a a new paradigm of health. Create sustainable long term health strategies for energetic vibrance and access detox protocols for a deeper transformations.

Relationships quest on Be The Hero Academy

Relationships Quest

Create deeper connections with your partner, friends, parents, and kids by learning the power of expectation, communication, and self love.

Mindset quest

Happiness Quest

Gain the support and simple steps you need to address your inner child wounds, take on a strong mindset, and create emotional resilience to return to happiness easier.

Purpose Quest in Be The Hero Academy

Purpose Quest

Dive deeper into the roadmap of who you are to discover your north star, your mission, and the core karmic lessons you are here on earth to learn and fulfill.

Parenting Quest in Be The Hero Academy

Parenting Quest

Discover a new model of parenting built around understanding your child’s soul imprint and cognitive functions so that you can raise happy, confident, capable kids.

Wealth & career quest

Career Quest

Learn how to rewire you limiting beliefs around money and get the tools and confidence you need to create a new career, make a change, and dream big.

What is A Quest?

Quests are simple and easy paths we’ve created so you can be guided on journeys of healing and growth towards the life you desire.

Example of the Health Quest Module 4
Example of the Health Quest Module 2
Example of the Health Quest Module 1
Health Quest on mobile

Access to Dozens of Healthy Recipes!

meal recipes archive
dessert recipes archive
drink recipes archive
Gain Clarity with

Our Signature Workshops

These core workshops will show you exactly how to understand your energetic imprint, identify your ideal day, help you with scripting, correctly type your personality, and help you get clear on your intrinsic values.

Discover the Roadmap to Who You Are

So you can understand your negative patterns and fall in love with the person you were born to be.

Unlock the roadmap to who you are
Rewire your perfect day lesson

Learn to Expertly Script Your Future

So that you have clarity, vision, and grounding to support you in breaking old patterns and stepping into the new.

Shift Your Personalty Reality with our Precision Personality Hacker

So that you can stop feeling victim to the same problems and the same struggles, and instead, change your beliefs so you can change the world around you.

Shifting your personal reality with your personality
Redefining your values to OWN your Worth

Discover How To Claim and Rewire New Values

So that you can feel worthy, confident, and good enough in every action and relationship in your life.

Pineal Gland Clearing Workshop

Featured Workshop

Overcome Brain Fog, Find Clarity & Feel Vibrant

The Pineal Gland has anciently been considered the “The Seat of the Soul.” It is one of the 2 bookends of the Vagus Nerve, connecting gut and brain together. It also the regulator of all other hormones in the body.

Therefore, the health of your Pineal Gland, dictates the health of…

  • All other organs and endocrine glands in your body
  • The 100 million nerve endings in your gut lining
  • Your neurochemical charges

When we heal the Pineal Gland, AKA the Third Eye, we heal the whole body!

Featured Workshop

Instantly Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement

Our brains are prone to being addicted to stress AKA anxiety. That’s why once we start stressing or getting anxious about things, it’s hard to break free. We get stuck in the addictions for days, weeks, or even years at a time.

But what if you stopped thinking about stress and anxiety as something you have to break free from?

Instead, what if it was as simple as changing the story you tell yourself?

In Anxiety to Excitement, you’ll discover how to change the story you’re telling to yourself to change your vibration with simple steps and real-life strategies.

Turning Anxiety into Excitement

Featured Relationship Workshop

Shifting the Person You Attract

Isabelle and I hosted a special workshop about shifting the type of people you attract so that you can finally have the great relationship you know you deserve.

  • Learn how childhood experiences are holding you back from the relationship you know you deserve.
  • Identify the behavior dynamic that your relationships repeats
  • Find out if you attract people like your parents OR people that you can parent
  • Shift the person you attract in 3 simple steps

Even if you are in a healthy, happy relationship, this could help you understand how the feeling of abandonment affects your existing relationships. 

Shifting the person you attract
Spark Passionate Self Love & Deeper Connections with

Our Signature Courses

These core courses will show you exactly how to understand your emotions, trust yourself, identify your childhood wound/trauma so you can pursue your desire, shift your reality, and be hero of your story.

Reignite the Passion

Learn exactly what it takes to not only have a passionate relationship, but also improve your own individual health & self love.

Kid’s Mindfulness

Help your child to become mindful, happy, motivated, and self aware with 20 days of fun activities.

Beginner’s Mindfulness

A simple 7 day course designed to help you be more aware of your thoughts & feelings.

Yoga & Meditation

Guided yoga and meditations classes for those just getting started.

All courses, always available, always simple!

Featured Course

Project Life: Develop a Strong Sense of Self

A course to help you gain clarity in what you want, take actions that will help you achieve your goals & have confidence in your ability to achieve them.

  • Script out the ideal version of how you want to feel, and accomplishing your goals.
  • Develop better habits and systems while creating more purpose in your days.
  • Learn how to cope with your character flaws (we all have them) and play by your strengths.
  • And most importantly, developing a disciplined plan of action so you can lived a stoked life

Featured Course

Chakra Healing

  • Learn how to balance your energetic field so you can step into your own power, live with passion, and be prodcutive in things that bring youy jou
  • Feel empowered and creative.
  • Connect with your deeper emotions, learn how to forgive, let go, and heal past wounds
  • Create a vision for your future that feels aligned with your soul
  • Trust that the universe has your back and wants to see you happy, healthy, and successful
  • Learn how to speak your truth, make requests, and listen from a space of worthiness. and love.

Featured Course

Happy Homeschooling

  • Customize the learning experience to maximize you child’s strengths which will set them up to be more successful in their life and create a more fulfilling career path.
  • Provide education that will set your kids apart in a world of cogs.
  • Spend more quality time connecting with your kids and become a powerful influence in their development.
  • Expand their knowledge beyond school subjects and provide life skills and self growth.
  • Teach your kids to lead fulfilling lives outside of their career success

Plus, learn how to teach to your child’s unique personality type & specific cognitive functions (this is a game changer!)

Featured Course

Fit To Hike

  • Learn how to fix current injuries from hiking and prevent them from happening in the future
  • Anti rotational exercises to maximize speed on the trail
  • Gain gluteal strength to propel yourself efficiently without knee injuries
  • Create an aerobic base so you get less winded on the ascents
  • Pre-hab to improve range of motion and prevent postural aches on long hikes
  • Workout programs to gain a more an ideal strength to weight ratio

Start With One of Our 7 Day Challenges

Not ready to dive deep into the subconscious yet? Not to worry! Every week Victor takes members through fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness challenges that are designed to make it easy and simple to create new healthy habits and build confidence.

Are you ready to claim the life you deserve

& wake up excited every day?